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2020 faves and bujo spread

I know, I know, this post is comin’ at ya SUPER late. BUT better late than never, right? I decided to do something a little different for 2020 and pick my favourite read of each month and pit them against one another to see which one would reign supreme! This all sounds very dramatic, but…

the Rory Gilmore challenge

Let me quickly set the stage for this bujo spread and rewind to 2016. I came across a list on HelloGiggles that ranked 15 of the books Rory is seen reading in Gilmore Girls – here’s the list: https//hellogiggles.com/lifestyle/lets-rank-books-rory-gilmore-read-gilmore-girls/ I LOVE Gilmore Girls, even saying that is probably an understatement, it’s one of my favourite…

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